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Positive Results

Positive Results

Testimonials from Our Clients

Five Star Reviews - 5 star Reviews

June 8, 2020

God bless @lawheffernan. They are a blessing.

On June 23rd 2019 my ex-wife took off with our two kids. For 5 weeks I didn’t know what they looked or sounded like. These kids have been in my life since birth.  I changed their diapers and fed them.  Actually my “brand” was my kids. My friends always said, ‘it’s easy to know if he is around, just look for his kids.’  

Long story on August 6, 2019, (which was my 14th year wedding anniversary), Kevin won me a lifetime victory,  connection with my kids. I hate and pray no one ever goes through what I did,  but that’s just naive.  Should you ever need to (God forbid),  Kevin is your guy. I don’t have time to describe his paralegal Angela, but God bless her and grant her many more day to be the greatest paralegal she is.

Five Star Reviews - 5 star Reviews

The EL Family
May 29, 2020

Kevin is a real life hero.

If one can describe Attorney Kevin Heffernan in one word, which is hard, it would be the word, HERO. Kevin is a real life hero. He is a no-nonsense, intelligent, dedicated, diligent, and a hardworking attorney. Attorney Heffernans’ prices are fair and he really goes above and beyond for his clients. He does not discriminate on any level and makes you feel respected always. His staff is wonderful and his main secretary is an angel on Earth.

Our cases were hard cases and Kevin never flinched taking them. Please do not buy into the tv advertisements and gimmicks of the “Big Guys” on television who are mostly too busy to really check in and stay consistent with you and your case. It’s the unknowns and less advertised attorneys like Kevin who have amazing results and decades of experience that you want on your side. Without hesitation we will continue to choose Attorney Heffernan as our counsel in the future and have recommended him to family and friends.

If you want excellent counsel and to feel like you’re not just another case, make Attorney Kevin Heffernan your choice. You will not regret it.

Five Star Reviews - 5 star Reviews

Ahmed Moussa
May 29, 2020

I was so confident that I was in a good hands.

After receiving a letter from the court about my custody case, my dilemma turned more serious, as it was my first time going through such things. I had a few appointments with other attorneys but unfortunately most of them were frustrating. As time got close to the court date, I came across the “ Law Office of Kevin Heffernan” in my neighborhood. I hired him and I don’t regret it. He was such an invaluable and professional Attorney. He listened to me and made sure we both understood the situation so that he could better represent me in court. Even though it was only few days before the court date when I retained him, I was so confident that I was in a good hands.

I am thankful for Kevin’s great efforts, as the outcome was outstanding. I am currently enjoying my parenting time with my daughter stress free.

Five Star Reviews - 5 star Reviews

December 15, 2016

A caring and professional lawyer!!

From the moment I hired Kevin, he helped me with all the details of getting divorced from my husband. He was professional and calm with everything. He offered good advice, and I appreciated the fact that the time frame for my divorce was not too long.

Five Star Reviews - 5 star Reviews

February 22, 2016


My mother & I needed the expertise of a skilled landlord / tenant attorney. We couldn’t have been more pleased with Kevin Heffernan. He promptly returned our calls and answered our questions and he had a sympathetic heart conserning the situation we were going through. I would definitely recommend Kevin Heffernan to anyone embroiled in a landlord / tenant dispute.

Five Star Reviews - 5 star Reviews

December 29, 2015

Highly Recommended

I hired Kevin Heffernan to represent me in a landlord/tenant matter. Attorney Heffernan’s advice was thoughtful and practical. He remained respectful and considerate of the other party despite the fact that the other party lied to him and to the court. I would hire Attorney Heffernan again if I needed counsel and I already have recommended him to a friend.

Five Star Reviews - 5 star Reviews

October 19, 2015

Exceptional Attorney – Knowledgeable, Professional, Ethical, Responsive

Sometime back I wrote a reference for, or a testimonial if you will, of Attorney Heffernan’s representation as our legal counsel. A couple years have passed since that legal matter/litigation was concluded. With time and distance comes a calm of emotions, insightful reflection, and a more astute perspective. With that in mind I add these words to my original reference.

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Five Star Reviews - 5 star Reviews

August 31, 2015

Great landlord tenant attorney

Kevin helped us draft a lease agreement contract suitable for our circumstances and thoroughly advised us on landlord-tenant relationship pitfalls. Kevin is now at the top of my list for legal counsel in these matters, and I would hire him again in an instant.

Five Star Reviews - 5 star Reviews

August 31, 2015

Great advocate

We needed a lawyer to help with the eviction of a very difficult tenant who was not paying his rent, would not leave, and went to great lengths to delay his eviction. Kevin guided us through the eviction process skillfully and diligently. He is a great listener, asked incisive questions when needed. He was well prepared when he was in court. We consider ourselves fortunate to have had Kevin Heffernan as our advocate.

Five Star Reviews - 5 star Reviews

August 28, 2015

Great Landlord/Tenant Lawyer

I hired Attorney Heffernan recently to help with a landlord/tenant issue. He was very knowledgable and friendly, and he always responded promptly to calls and emails. I would highly recommend him.

Five Star Reviews - 5 star Reviews

August 31, 2015

Eviction Case

We utilized Kevin Heffernan as our eviction lawyer for a case involving eviction at a church apartment. Kevin did an excellent job representing the church as well as working with us in regards to fees. The case became very detailed and complicated and Kevin was able to pull together and utilize all the information we had provided to him at well timed points in our case. He listened to multiple people from our church committee as well as congregation members who supported the case in court.


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