Tenants in Massachusetts have special legal protections after a bank has foreclosed on their landlord’s building. In 2010, the legislature passed M.G.L. c. 186A, a law that forbids banks from evicting tenants after foreclosure without just cause. Under the statute, landlords must provide their tenants with notice that they are the new owners, as well as the contact information for their maintenance person. Unless the tenants fail to pay the rent, or engage in misconduct that warrants eviction, they may remain in their apartments as long as they wish.  The law authorizes the court to award tenants up to $5,000 should the new owners violate these requirements.

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Surprisingly, some banks and their attorneys are unaware of the statute mentioned above (M.G.L. c. 186A). But Mr. Heffernan keeps current on changes to Massachusetts housing law. In fact, he  has used this law, as well as the Federal Protecting Tenants from Foreclosure Act (PTFA), to help tenants in foreclosed properties keep their homes.

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