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Regardless of what you are facing, my mission is to help you maximize your chances of success. But your definition of success is as unique as your situation. So I will take the time to listen to you, answer your questions, and identify your priorities.

My practice areas include divorce, distribution of marital assets, child custody and support, and child protection.  I also provide guidance in the areas of tenant rights, landlord law, foreclosures, and evictions.

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Given the current situation, our firm is currently modifying its practice to comply with the state’s emergency orders and guidelines in regard to social distancing. Although we are open full-time, we are seeing clients in person on a very limited basis. Almost all attorney-client contact will be through telephone or video conferencing. Most of the courts themselves are closed with the exception of emergency cases, though they will hear some matters by videoconference. They are still accepting filings however, so there is no need to wait to begin your case. Given that it often takes months to get your first court date, this is a good time to commence your case so as to avoid the backlog once the courts re-open.

Serving Boston, Norwood, Newton, Needham, Westwood, Dedham, West Roxbury, and the surrounding towns.

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Attorney Kevin Heffernan

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Testimonials from Our Clients

Five Star Reviews - 5 star Reviews

The EL Family
April 2023

Kevin is driven by justice and his clients well-being.

Where to begin? I’ve been a long-standing client of Counselor Heffernan for more than three years now. I can say without falter that I have been served with the utmost professionalism, respect, top notch emotional quotient, and ever rare these days…empathy.

This is a counselor not driven by money. Albeit he deserves every amount he works hard for, and then some. Rather Kevin is driven by justice and his clients well-being. He’s not biased against race, creed, gender, nor faith preference. I stand in this experience working with him successfully on my cases as a person of faith, being a covered woman of faith, and an interfaith clergywoman. He listens and has a miraculous talent at pulling facts and making concise the sometimes lengthy detailing of life’s curve balls and injustices inflicted by others.

In closing, Attorney Kevin Heffernan is absolutely the Fighter you want in your ring, the Guard at your front making sure you’re not taken advantage of, and the lawyer who really knows his trade well and is ever studying and keeping up to date with laws and cases. Three plus years. Even through this pandemic Attorney Heffernan has stayed solid in resolve to see justice prevail.There’s so much more to say but you don’t need a novela. Just know if you’re on the right side of TRUTH, if you’re straight up with your accounts of events and facts, Attorney Kevin Heffernan is the avenging angel in the flesh you want on your side. Yes, he’s really that great.

Five Star Reviews - 5 star Reviews

Alexis Salomone
May 2023

I had a great experience with Kevin Heffernan’s law office.

I connected with Kevin over a rental housing issue (I was the tenant) and he took the time to explain to me what my options were. We started with a flat fee formal letter to my landlord. When the landlord was unresponsive, Kevin laid out all the options and made clear arguments for why I might want to move forward – and was equally clear on the reasons why I might not want to move forward with filing a suit. In other words, he wasn’t the least bit pushy and he felt more like a trusted advisor than a lawyer trying to maximize his bill. Kevin was clear, helpful, and to the point. In the end I decided to file and was able to get a very favorable settlement.

My living situation was a pretty miserable experience and I’m very grateful that Kevin helped me feel legally protected as I was getting out of it, and helped me get compensated for my trouble. Would definitely recommend!

Five Star Reviews - 5 star Reviews

Chris Fisichella
April 2023

Attorney Heffernan gets 5 stars because he is very client focused.

Attorney Heffernan gets 5 stars because he is very client focused. I had some very specific needs and he accommodated me. After we agreed to what work he would do, he did exactly that. He went right up to the appeals court!

He did an excellent job preparing and arguing my case before the panel.


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