Protecting Your Assets

Protecting Your Assets


Divorce is a life-changing event.  In addition to the dramatic change in one’s family relationships, one must simultaneously adjust to the new financial realities of living alone. This transition period, in particular, can be very difficult for both parties, but especially for a person who has a modest income.

Mr. Heffernan has handled hundreds of family law cases and can assist you in obtaining temporary alimony and child support, if appropriate, while the case is pending.  In some cases, he may be able to obtain a court order requiring your spouse to pay for your legal fees.  This financial assistance will allow you to pay for your living expenses while the divorce is pending.  Without it, you may feel pressure to resolve your case because of the financial strain.

Mr. Heffernan also has your long-term interests in mind and is well-versed in the laws regarding marital estates, such as houses, pensions, investments, and inheritances.

An Advocate on Your Behalf

Lack of familiarity with the legal issues that may emerge during your divorce could have serious financial ramifications. Mr. Heffernan can offer guidance in all areas of family law, including child custody, alimony, the marital home, pension accounts, investments, inheritances, and temporary support orders.

Mr. Heffernan also recognizes the importance of hiring expert witnesses in some cases, including accountants, real estate appraisers, business evaluators, and psychologists.

The Law Office of Kevin R. Heffernan, Ltd., is proud to be a part of the Massachusetts Bar Association, Norfolk County Bar Association, and National Lawyers Guild. Mr. Heffernan has represented numerous clients from West Roxbury and the surrounding areas. If you wish to have your rights protected by an experienced, skilled divorce attorney, call his office today.


Attorney Heffernan recently helped level the playing field in a divorce case in which the husband’s income far exceeds that of his wife. When her husband left her without any warning, the woman did not have the means to retain an attorney. Attorney Heffernan made a preliminary request to the court for funds at the commencement of the case. The court immediately awarded the wife $5,000 in attorney fees so that she could afford to defend herself throughout the divorce proceedings.


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