Protecting Your Property

Protecting Your Property

Landlord Law

Mr. Heffernan represents the interests of landlords who rent residential properties in West Roxbury, MA. He is a skilled lawyer who has a wealth of experience in landlord-tenant law. Whether you are seeking to evict a tenant, reclaim possession of your property, or collect unpaid rent, Mr. Heffernan can help you.

Helping Landlords Fight for Their Rights

The Law Office of Kevin R. Heffernan, Ltd., has the necessary expertise in landlord-tenant litigation to minimize the costs and time of an eviction. The firm aims to provide an efficient and speedy resolution for all parties involved. Mr. Heffernan prides himself on his professionalism and responsiveness, placing the needs of his clients first and working tirelessly to help them enforce their legal rights as a landlord.

If a dispute with a tenant ever arises, you need someone in your corner who can help you explore every option available. Call the Law Office of Kevin R. Heffernan, Ltd. in West Roxbury, MA today.


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